Sabi Space Range

Designing or renovating your own space can be a source of empowerment or pride, but often this process can be difficult or else intimidating.

In the early 2010s, the Californian design brand Sabi approached Map to create a new range of wall-mounted products for the bathroom. In response, Map focused on designs that could be easily installed by people of all ages and abilities.

The Sabi Space collection is built around a universal fixing, designed to allow the entire range of shelves, grab rails, mirrors and more to be simply attached. Each fixing incorporates a high strength double-sided tape that can support up to 45kg of weight which can also be affixed to either a tiled or painted wall.

Map developed the collection using ethnographic research and co-create workshops, in which we identified an opportunity for a cohesive bathroom collection that was accessible to all customers. Even the packaging for Sabi Space is specifically designed to help install the products: each box includes a life-size template of the final product that can be pressed out and used as a guide to position the item on the wall.

Map Team
Jon Marshall, Will Howe + Molly Anderson
Client Team
Assaf Wand
Margo Loudon
Gyorgy Korossy

Sabi Space Range