Sky Hardware Design

We collaborated with Sky on the brand’s first-ever television, a new product from the world renowned British broadcaster and telecommunications company. Sky’s previous consumer hardware remit was fixed on set top boxes and routers, helping to bring its services to homes across the UK. Sky’s new TV, ‘Glass’, has similar ambitions in providing a great platform to deliver its original broadcasting content on, as well as creating an immersive home cinema experience straight out of the box.

Together with Sky, we set out to design a simple and easy to understand product that would consolidate many of the products that might be in the living room already, from a soundbar to a smart speaker.

As our studio was born out of a furniture design studio, the design approach has been with this context in mind, looking at the television as a domestic object. The Sky TV features a bold design approach which looks to acknowledge the real estate created by the technology situated inside, celebrating the product as an object for the home rather than hiding or disguising it.

Client Team
Fraser Stirling, Anthony Davies, Mark Whitter + Andrew Olsen
Hardware Team
Edward Snodgrass, Roger Lambert, David Fields + Derek Barrentine
Mechanical Team
Gregory Cruse + Vitus Luk
Laura Perryman
Christopher Tirrell + Sky UK Ltd