Kano Computer Kit Complete

Kano helps children learn how to build their own computer by interacting with a plug-and-play set of components. Map worked with Kano to create the ultimate grab-and-go DIY computer to get kids into coding with a simple kit designed to perfectly fit little fingers.

The Kano Computer Kit marries the company’s previous computer and screen kits to create a single encompassing experience. A handy transparent cover secures the back of the screen, protecting each modular electrical element and doubling as a carry case for the kit’s bright orange keyboard. This new robust configuration allows the kit to be carried around easily in a child’s backpack and placed on any level surface to create an instant computer lab.

Friction-fit elements allow the pieces to snap together and apart easily, so the user can reconfigure their computer as many times as they like. Even the central Raspberry Pi circuit board can be easily clipped in and out, without the need for fiddly screws that could damage this crucial component.

Map surveyed Kano’s users and determined that introducing a battery to the kit would allow it to become fully mobile, as well as removing the hassle of tangled wires. The Kano Computer Kit is a completely self-sufficient experience.

The kit now comes with all sorts of exciting extras, including a speaker on the side of the case and a USB hub to allow greater customisation. Map even designed the unboxing to be part of the experience, with magnetic closures and durable packing that turns the packaging into a permanent storage solution for the kit when not in use.

Map Team
Will Howe + Fiona O'Leary
Client Team
Alex Klein, Bruno Schillinger + Ricardo Luz
Probe UK
Christopher Tirrell

Kano Computer Kit Complete