BleepBleeps Smart Family

Lily Loco, Hungry Henry, Benjamin Brush and Tony Tempa: the BleepBleeps Smart Family is a collection of cute, colourful, connected gadgets that help make parenting that little bit easier.

BleepBleeps is a tech brand that understands the value of connected devices: technology can bring quality of life improvements and help simplify difficult tasks, but improperly handled can quickly become a source of stress and unnecessary complexity. Its Smart Family of gadgets strikes the perfect balance.

From thermometers to baby monitors, toothbrushes to feed warmers, the Family takes a raft of devices familiar to all parents, but gives them a little more intelligence. The toothbrush plays your child’s favourite song for two minutes to ensure an optimal brushing time, while the thermometer takes your toddler’s temperature from a contactless reading of their forehead, giving you all the information you need on your smartphone.

These are useful devices, but also needed to be exciting and accessible for children – which is why BleepBleeps brought Map on board to oversee their design language. Here, Map prioritised character and playfulness, wrapping up the devices in charming personalities that any child would love.

The thermometer becomes Tony Tempa, a quacking duck whose orange beak takes the temperature reading; Andy Cam a portable baby monitor, whose robust case resembles a jolly green frog. The Smart Family are distinct characters that your child can relate to and feel excited by – a jolt of personality in a field that is all too often distant and chilly.

Map Team
Jon Marshall, Paul Wolfson, Julie Arrivé + Charlie Humble-Thomas
Client Team
Tom Evans

BleepBleeps Smart Family