Brizi Air Purifier

Urban air pollution is a growing problem and something that the London-based technology company Brizi wants to protect society from – particularly our youngest and most vulnerable members.

Map partnered with Brizi to create a portable air purifier to shield babies and infants from the effects of urban air pollution. The result is a device that fits inside a pillow, which in turn can be fitted onto any pushchair, creating a localised zone of clean air for your child while you travel through the city.

Extensive prototyping allowed the Map team to develop a solution that is technologically advanced but also unobtrusive. The device can be easily integrated into a pushchair without disrupting the ergonomics of the seat or intruding on the baby’s space.

The internal components of the device had to be carefully configured such that they could be incorporated into the thin pillow, which wraps behind the baby's head to provide a comfortable, squashy cushion.

An accompanying air quality tracker checks levels of harmful gases and particulates in the baby’s immediate environment, only activating the Brizi filter when required. It's a system that ensures both comprehensive protection for your child, as well as making sure that the device’s battery life can be extended for as long as possible.

Map team
Jon Marshall, Chris Weightman + Lea Berger
Client Team
Yosi Romano
Clare Lewington + Shira Klasmer

Brizi Air Purifier