Graphcore AI Hardware

When most people think of computer technology, they imagine anonymous boxes, devoid of personality and visual character.

For Graphcore’s Artificial Intelligence chip unit, however, Map developed something different – a series of injection-moulded modular tiles, executed in ice cream shades of raspberry, blue and vanilla that tied to the company's distinctive colour palette.

The chip is a breakthrough technology that can speed up the process-hogging, resource intensive deployment of AI. As such, the industrial design had to be equally progressive. Map partnered with design agency Pentagram on the project, who created an inspiring visual identity that the Map team then translated into physical design.

The resultant modular tiles, which can be assembled in different constellations, are a playful take on a product that seldom captures attention, but also deeply functional. The accompanying rackmount chassis, for instance, employs patterns from Graphcore's visual identity as openings for ventilation.

Map Team
Jon Marshall, Julie Arrivé + Rami Santala
Client Team
Ben Leonard + Sabrina Maerky
Nick Rochowski

Graphcore AI Hardware