Natsai Audrey Chieza

Natsai Audrey Chieza is the founder and CEO at Faber Futures. She is a leading thinker on the transformative role design can play in the equitable development of consumer biotechnology. With over ten years of experience co-developing multi-sector innovation strategies and shaping policy with global institutions, she leads a dynamic team that translates value and transforms systems across education, design, life science and manufacturing industries.

Nick Rolls

Nick Rolls is a Creative Director at Universal and has over fifteen years experience with the studio. Nick’s expertise lies in working collaboratively with clients and partners, from well established global organisations to new brands, to define strategic vision and creative direction to the design and delivery of projects. His passion for collaboration is evident through the wide range of multi disciplinary partnerships and exhibits he has created at the Science Museum, London, where he has led the design and delivery of Information Age Gallery, the first of the museum’s masterplan projects, and Google Web Lab, an online and physical year-long exhibition.

George Garner

George Garner is Account Director at Universal and Map. has held strategic and commercial roles in the creative industries since 2013. Prior to joining the team, he worked with the likes of Nike, Samsung, Logitech and Herman Miller. Experience has always been at the heart of the projects George has delivered, from immersive experiences for Nike or furniture for Herman Miller, delivering places and experiences that connect people are at the heart of all of George’s projects.

Afaina de Jong

Afaina de Jong is the founder and director of AFARAI, an Amsterdam-based architectural studio that specialises in spatial design and strategy. She has been an active educator for years amongst others at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Deflt, The Sandberg Institute and Artez and has been guest lecturer at Columbia University GSAPP in New York, The Royal Collect of Art in London, KTH in Stockholm and the Rhode Island School of Design.