Yamaha TLF Speaker

Prototyping a next generation sound experience

Thin Light and Flexible

Japan Creative approached us to showcase Yamaha’s thin, light and flexible speaker technology, TLF; a 1.5mm thick lightweight panel with very directional sound. Working with the Yamaha team, we developed an installation that explains the technology creates a new sound experience.

Exhibited at Ambiente, Frankfurt 2014

Mixing directional sound

TLF speakers emit sound directly from their front surface.  They also transmit sound across long distances with minimal attenuation even at low volumes. Our design proposal was an array of TLF panels hanging from a very thin metal frame. Each panel plays a recording of a synthetic singing voice using Yamaha’s VOCALOID technology, which mix together into a complete choir at a focal point, marked on the floor.

International collaboration

We collaborated with our friends at Yamaha and Japan Creative through series of workshops to design and execute the TLF speakers