Virgin Atlantic Economy Meal

Redesigning Virgin’s economy meal service to improve passenger experience and reduce carbon emissions

A more efficient meal service

We collaborated with the in-house design team at Virgin Atlantic to create a new Economy meal service. Our research-based solution saved space and weight and in turn reduced waste and fuels emissions.Combined with a strong design language and service enhancements the design offers passengers and crew a better overall experience.

46% greener over its lifecycle saving 129Kg per aircraft

Reducing the tray size by 25%

To improve passenger experience Virgin Atlantic had developed a new meal service offer where desert and coffee were served after the main meal. This meant we were able to design a tray that was 25% smaller which saved space and reduced the number of meal trollies required by crew. We also developed different tiers on the tray to separate different elements of the meal and to prevent them from moving around during take-off. A soft plastic non-slip inner was co-moulded into the tray to provide colour and prevent movement. This meant the traditional paper liner could be removed, saving weight and reducing waste.

Attention to detail

We designed every element of the meal tray to ensure a consistently improved passenger experience using a fresh choice of colour and materials inline with Virgin’s brand identity. We created a new main meal container, a salad bowl; which was reusable rather than disposable, new iconic cutlery and a drinking glass.