Virgin Atlantic Upper Class Tea Service

A new range to improve the experience for passengers and crew

British themed luxury

We worked with Virgin Atlantic to add some British-themed luxury to the Upper Class meal service. Our design strategy was to improve the serving process for crew and passengers at the same time creating a range that reinforced the Virgin brand.

Coffee Pot

Virgin’s industry standard coffee pot presented a number of problems for flight attendants. Firstly, there was no way to tell what was in a given pot, cabin crew would have written ‘Coffee’ or ‘Tea’ on the pots in felt-tip pens. Secondly, the handles on these pots proved to be poorly designed as after pouring hundreds of cups during a single flight, the crew often experienced wrist pain and injuries. By creating a new modern round design with an ergonomic handle and a clever lid with an arrow, the lid can be twisted to show what is inside: tea, water, coffee, or hot chocolate.

Cake stand

We created a bespoke cake stand to serve traditional English afternoon tea for each passenger. The two-tiered cake stand meant that cakes and sandwiches could be presented together to passengers, saving space on the tray table. In order for the cake stand to be quickly assembled, disassembled and stored away we also developed a collapsable design that can be assembled in under 15 seconds.