BleepBleeps Suzy Snooze

Smart Nightlight, Sleep Soother and Baby Monitor

A baby monitor that grows with your child

We worked with BleepBleeps to rethink the baby monitor and create a product that tackles children’s sleep in new ways. By combining the functionality of a baby monitor, sleep trainer and nightlight, Suzy Snooze creates a calm and consistent environment to help get kids to sleep and gives parents the peace of mind that their child is getting the sleep they need. Through software updates and  a timeless approach to design she grows with your child (unlike archetypal baby products); from baby monitor and nightlight as an infant to sleep trainer as a toddler to a child’s first music player.

A connected product with physical interactions

Connected products tend to rely upon smart devices for control often losing some of the intuitiveness of a physical product. Suzy has just enough physical control so that parents wouldn’t need to fumble with smartphones in the night. Pushing her hat down over her eyes starts and stops an audio-visual ‘sleep sequence’; twisting it controls the brightness and in the morning it rises up automatically to tell the child it is ok to get up. An app controls all of these things but the product can be used without.

Just enough character

Suzy is appealing to parents through her design and functionality and captivates children through the small details they tend to notice. BleepBleeps’ reductive and playful approach to design is in contrast with the market they compete in and the modern and sophisticated look and feel sit better in a contemporary home. The felt wrap on her base allows sound through but is also tactile and belongs in the bedroom and the subtle die-cut face offers just enough recognisable character. Her high gloss hat is bold and opaque when not illuminated, but allows a warm diffused light through.

Fully considered experience

We worked with BleepsBleeps to ensure an equal level of intuition and attention to detail for the whole physical experience of the product. We designed the packaging with an integrated quick start guide on the top layer, and more detailed instructions beneath the product as well as creating bespoke charger and cables.

A creative collaboration

Suzy was made by a collection of experts in their fields. Led by BleepBleeps Founder and Creative Director Tom Evans, the team consisted of sleep scientists from Sleepio; Hirsch & Mann to develop lighting behaviours; a world-class DJ to create contemporary lullabies and our friends at Wearehive created a beautiful accompanying app. We developed and prototyped the physical experience through and worked closely with our manufacturing partners to develop her for mass production.