Industrial Design Language

A New Design Language

Sonos offers the ultimate home music experience for modern music lovers. Map collaborated with Sonos to develop the industrial design and packaging experience for their future product range.

Map carried out research to understand how functions such as voice control, portability and 360 degree audio should inform the industrial design of future products. Over the course of 6 months and through a series of design workshops, we reimagined a number of existing Sonos products as well as identifying new archetypes.


Each product in the Sonos range represents an ‘element’ of a complete sound system. Map evolved the industrial design of each product into a simpler, more monolithic form that would reflect their elemental nature.

The soft ‘squircle’ form that characterises the Sonos identity is derived by blending together a circle and a square. Using the same two building blocks as a starting point, Map combined the circle and square in a different way to achieve a bolder, more graphical identity.

 “We sought out the Map team to
help us develop a forward looking
and international perspective for
our product portfolio. The program was
intended to both collaborate with
our internal point of view and
challenge our assumptions, and
this mission was expertly delivered…”


Dana Krieger
Director of Design, Hardware at Sonos, Inc.

A Foundation for Future Products

The work provided by Map forms a foundation for future products which the in-house design team at Sonos continue to develop, the first of which to launch is the Sonos Amp.