AKQA Seeker

A new form of navigation for a launch campaign

Fuzzy Navigation

We worked with creative agency AKQA to create a navigation device to support the launch campaign of the Infiniti Q30 built around the hashtag #BornToChallenge. The Seeker is a hand-held device that leads to a predetermined destination using a compass-like pointer. This ‘fuzzy’ navigation allows the user to create their own path, it gives you a destination – but how you get there and what you discover along the way is up to you.

Designing for film

The Seeker was featured in two films where it leads the way to the Q30 for a different type of test drive. The first film set in Krakow features Josh Rubin, co-founder of Cool Hunting and is shot in 360. The second is shot in Berlin featuring Michael Schulz from @Berlinstagram in Berlin. We created a batch of 50 fully-functional Seekers which were used for the test drive films and also to give to journalists and guests at Q30 launch events.

Fully stand-alone

The Seeker is a stand alone device with an on-board GPS unit, 9 axis sensor, CPU and battery. Locations are stored on RFID tokens and uploaded to the device by tapping the token underneath the device. A stepper motor drives a mechanical compass pointer indicating direction and LED lights around a ring-shaped lens indicate distance. The casing is made from machined and anodised aluminium.

Collaborative development

Working closely with AKQA, Onformative and Kudu we conceived and brought to life the Seeker through co-create workshops, hacking, prototyping and testing. The production batch of 50 units required custom PCBs firmware, casings, assembly and packaging. Consisting of over 60 components the entire batch was assembled and tested in Map’s studio.