Sabi Space Bathroom range

A cohesive bathroom range that is easy to install by anyone

A new approach to bathroom accessories

We were approached by Sabi to find product opportunities that would extend their brand into home accessories. Using ethnographic research and co-create workshops we identified an opportunity for a range of products for the bathroom that worked together as a cohesive range, felt bright and fun, ageless and timeless and could be installed easily by anyone of any age.


Universal wall mount

The key innovation was the development of a universal fixing, which the entire range has been designed to work with. Each incorporates a high strength double-sided tape which can support up to 45 kilograms of weight whilst being able to fix to either a tiled or painted wall.

A Cohesive range

The Sabi Space collection consists of 10 items: Hooks, is an aluminium rail with plastic hooks. Magnify is a detachable magnifying hand mirror that fits onto Peg with a magnetic ball so it can be swivelled into any position. Mirror and Shelf provide vision and storage, two of the key design elements of any bathroom.

Hanger is an iconic piece, which hangs from Peg instead of having the normal hook on a coat hanger. The collection also includes several items that are inherent to the bathroom: Toilet Paper Holder, Towel Hoop, Towel Rail, Shower Caddy and Hold.

Non stigma grab rail

We developed a unique circular grab rail called Hold, which allows easy access in and out of the bath. One of the main causes of household injures is falling during access to the bath, Hold addresses this problem.

Hold doesn’t look like a traditional grab rail so is non-stigmatising. We worked with a bio-mechanical engineer on make sure the form was comfortable and ergonomic and used extensive model-making and testing to optimise the design.

Packaging to support installation

The packaging for Sabi Space is specifically designed to help install the products. Each package includes a life-size template of the final product that can be pressed out and used as a guide to position the items on the wall. The packaging can also be used as a template for correct positioning of the Peg system.