A beautifully simple, smart doorbell

A doorbell for the modern home

We worked with Ome (previously Ding) to develop a truly modern doorbell. Ome consists of a button, chime and smartphone app. When the button is pressed the chime rings in your home and also calls your smartphone allowing you to talk to the person at your front door. This simple connectivity ensures that whether you’re out of earshot, busy at work but expecting a delivery or expecting Airbnb guests, you never miss any visitors.

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Beautiful outside and inside

We designed the button and chime to ensure they look and feel like part of the same system but function well in the two places they sit. The visually simple button sits subtly by your front door. It is easily installed and available in a variety of colours and finishes to ensure that it will work with the individual architecture of your home.

Doorbell chimes have become anonymous plastic boxes hiding in the hallway. The Ome chime has more prominence in the home to ensure that it can be heard anywhere and so works better. It can can be placed on a flat surface or on the wall and a choice of fabric finishes help it suit the interior of your home.

Doing one thing simply well

The doorbell market consists of products usually inherited with a house or an increasing number of technologically-driven products that offer cameras and security features. Ome wanted to create a really great, simple doorbell that utilises just the right amount of modern functionality for improved convenience, without the distractions of additional complicated features.