Home remote control

Simplifying connected homes

We worked with London startup nCube to refine the entire user experience of their first product. nCube is a hub with an App that simplifies the management of connected homes by bringing control of products into a single App and allowing them to connect to one another securely on a local network.

Unified experience

The hub plugs in to a broadband box and through an App talks to and controls any connected product in the home. We created a holistic look and feel by developing a simple and characterful hub and packaging that ships easily and reflects nCube’s environmental benefits. We simplified the user experience of the App to communicate the complex connections the product can make.

Subtle character

Our strategy with the hub was to differentiate it from typical black and white boxes found in this market whilst maintaining a physicality that allows it to reside behind the TV, under the sofa or on a bookshelf close to where broadband routers are found. We strived to engineer the simplest and crispest appearing box possible in a colour that gives the brand a physical presence.

Sustainability in a growing space

The connected home space is a rapidly growing market and if harnessed intelligently will help our homes become more sustainable and feel safer. Products such as nCube simplify this and create a more accessible entry point. Understanding this was key to our approach, from the visual simplicity of product and App through to choices of materials and the efficiency of the letterbox-friendly packaging to give the lightest possible environmental impact.