Motorbike navigation for the Indian Market

Designed in Partnership

Map has collaborated with KPIT, a leading global technology company from India, to create a new connected motorcycle navigation device for the leisure riding and touring motorcycle market.

Developed using an agile development model, the navigation device was completed from initial research to shipping in a quick turnaround of 11 months.  The product was launched at the India Bike Week in November last year and will retail for $10 / month subscription for 2 years or just under $250.

Deep-dive into Indian Bike Culture

India is home to the world’s largest number of motorbike users.  Map undertook a deep-dive into the country’s bike culture through a series of ethnographic research trips before initiating the design process. It conducted surveys with motorcyclists for first hand information on their driving experiences and rode in the local conditions to understand the challenges and idiosyncrasies of the market and the demand of the consumer.

Built to last

Map identified extreme weather conditions, varied roads, and incomplete maps among the series of design challenges unique to the Indian market.  It worked with the product engineering teams at KPIT to build a robust product that performs in the most extreme riding conditions.  The product is fully waterproof and tested for use in a multitude of environments, from city commuting to trips along winding natural terrains. The product has a unique high contrast daylight readable display which is legible in the brightest of the lighting conditions and has a backlight for night riding. Aesthetically, the product design is pared back to avoid distracting the driver from the ride experience or design of the bike.

Complete experience

Map worked on the end-to-end product experience including industrial design for the display, app UX, product UI, and packaging.  Through the holistic approach, it developed a unique single button user interface, designed to quickly give the riders information on navigation, bike performance, and their journey, without distraction and even while wearing motorbike gloves.

The platform has a host of compelling features such as anti-theft alert, biker to biker communication, ride planning and tracking, and performance systems as well as a social component to allow bikers to share their riding achievements via the app .

Photos © 2017 Map & Petr Krejci Photography