The Kano Screen Kit

A 720p HD display anyone can make

Completing the Kano experience

We collaborated with Kano to identify add-ons to the Kano computer and coding kit that would encourage greater engagement and give users ownership over the entire Kano experience. The first part of our strategy involved creating a 10.1” HD display for Kano users that could be self-assembled.

A display you build yourself

The Screen Kit has a unique modular design so you learn how alpha, gamma, and pixels work by putting the display together yourself. The LCD panel is clipped into the display casing and the driver board for the display is clipped in place and connected to the LCD. There is a separate button board and cable to control the screen’s in-built functions. The Raspberry Pi in its Kano case can be clipped into the back of the display, connected with the HDMI cable and powered up at the same time as the display with a splitter power cable.


The Screen Kit completes the Kano computer experience and also makes Kano portable – you can store the Kano components like the Keyboard and accessories in the display casing. You can use the screen upright or flat on the table and you can power it with a third party battery to make it truly mobile.

Photos © 2015 Map & Petr Krejci Photography