Joseph Joseph GoEat

Reinventing the lunchbox

Food on-the-go research

Joseph Joseph approached us to research how urban workers eat homemade food on-the-go and to identify new product opportunities. Our research showed that users eat a large variety of different types of food and snacks and a high degree of flexibility and compactness is needed as people often change what they eat from day to day as well as mixing bought lunches with snacks from home. This flexibility as well as a desire for good-looking modern and well designed containers was not being addressed in the lunchbox market.

Flexible and reconfigurable

The GoEat range comprises a variety of containers that are perfect for sandwiches, salads, soups or snacks, plus a compact stainless-steel cutlery set. The range replaces multiple containers as the lunch boxes and salad pots have a unique reversible lid, which allows different food elements to be kept safe and separate and enables the containers to be assembled in a large or compact format. This provides flexibility and is also more compact after use.

The compact stainless steel cutlery set has a magnet embedded in the knife handle to keep all the elements neatly together as well as a silicone case to keep them safe and clean.

Designed to be used on-the-go

We developed a range of products that are highly flexible and reconfigurable and allow different types of food to be carried in the most compact format in many different scenarios on the go.