Insensi Ily

Giving families the power to stay connected

The new family phone

We worked with New York technology startup Insensi to develop the design strategy, industrial design and user experience for Ily, the first dedicated home communication platform for families. Ily combines an eight-inch touchscreen with a phone handset, high quality speakers and a new OS with dedicated features for family members to connect through voice, video and messaging.

New Archetype

The device is designed to sit in the living room, kitchen, or other central location of your house. It connects to Wifi, and can replace your landline phone simply by plugging-in your phone cable. There is no internet browser so children can connect with family members safely. We designed Ily for use in two different orientations: upright (for optimised video calling) and flat (for optimised desk or touchscreen use).

Integrated hardware

The phone handset fits seamlessly into the body of the device. It is easily popped out when needed, but does not become a dominant interaction point of the device. Whilst promoting the excellent hands-free capabilities of Ily for families to communicate together, it also creates a design that does not conform to existing archetypes within the landline phone market.

Hardware working with software

We worked closely with Insensi’s software and UI team to ensure the hardware tightly integrated with the software, UI and apps. Ily has no hardware keys, but integrated sensors detect when you are close to it to wake-up. To communicate with someone you simply tap on their photo and can call, send photos or share drawings you have created on the device. Seamless integration with Smartphone and Tablet apps also means you can communicate with any family member anywhere and anytime.

Design early

Insensi founder Ilan Abehassera engaged in the design process with Map shortly after the idea for Ily was born. Our strategy-led approach and process of rapid product development means Ily has been brought from initial idea to pre-production prototype in under a year. The Map and Insensi teams worked together to co-create the design, tightly integrating design and engineering using extensive prototyping and testing.