AI Hardware

Generative Industrial Design

Map collaborated with Pentagram to create the industrial design of Graphcore’s uniquely powerful Artificial Intelligence chip unit. This super-smart chip will help speed up the process-hogging, resource intensive deployment of AI.

Pentagram partners Jody Hudson-Powell & Luke Powell created an inspiring visual identity for the start-up based on ‘resolution’ translated into evolving shapes. The brand identity developed includes a software generating shapes and colours in infinite combinations.

Modular, Playful Design

We decided to reflect the brand identity into the physical design by creating a system of modular tiles that can be assembled in a huge number of ways giving a unique and playful design to a product that rarely gets to capture attention. It also involved solving technical issue and creating custom sized heatsink. A bold chassis front for server racks was also created to indicate the presence of the IPU (Intelligent Processing Unit) inside the usually black box. The pattern is used to create the required ventilation on which a small badge can be clipped.

Photography © Nick Rochowski, courtesy of Pentagram. 

Visuals © Map Project Office