BleepBleeps Benjamin Brush

Smart music toothbrush

Getting children brushing properly

We worked with BleepBleeps to design a toothbrush that would help parents get their kids brushing their teeth. Benjamin Brush is an evolution of the traditional electric toothbrush. He plays two minutes of any music track (selected through the connected app), tracks and rewards regular brushing and works with interchangeable heads that are more appropriate to the different stages of brushing.

Starting good habits early

We learnt from dental experts that creating the foundations of good bushing habits (2 minutes twice a day) and finding effective ways of applying fluoride strengthen milk teeth are key to children’s dental health. In combination with playing music, Benjamin is physically designed to help parents get these foundations right. The cone-shaped handle is easily held by small hands brushing their own teeth and by parents brushing their child’s teeth with the waterproof speaker on the base being clear of hands. The Pom-Pom brush head is directionless and so is easier for children to move around inside their mouths.

Not just for kids

As with other BleepBleeps products, Benjamin is not focussed on just one stage of a child’s development. The Pop-Pom head can be easily replaced with a more regular head, and both heads come in a range of colours so that different Benjamin’s can be easily distinguished from one another.

Material & process-led

Benjamin’s handle and brush heads are both made using over-moulded medical-grade silicone. This material enables the handle to be waterproofed and easily gripped with wet hands. Soft silicone brush heads prevent over-brushing, gum recession and damaged enamel and bacteria find it hard to stick to this kind of material. Understanding the opportunities and limitations of this material was a key part of the design process leading to many iterations of the brush head design and continued good communication with toolmakers and suppliers.