Beeline Bicycle Compass

Putting the fun and adventure back into urban cycling

Back to basics navigation

We worked with innovative technology startup BeeLine to develop a new type of low cost navigation device that puts cyclists back in control of their journey. Instead of showing a prescribed route, Beeline just shows you the direction and distance to a chosen destination, leaving you to decide which turns to make.

Launched with a £150k Kickstarter campaign

Simple, intuitive and affordable

The handlebar-mounted Beeline device connects to a rider’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Cyclists can set their chosen destination and waypoints using the app. Once their destination is selected, they can put their smartphone away. BeeLine functions like a smart compass to guide them from start to finish but allowing them the freedom to decide which roads to take. This navigation method works just as effectively as turn-by-turn directions for cycling and is safer as there is less information to absorb on the display.

Compact, simple and ready to use

We designed a unique compact casing with dual functionality that provides secure fastening onto the handlebars, as well as protecting the screen when its not being used. The small lightweight design fits easily into a cyclists’ pocket or bag. A brushed stainless steel clip allows the device to be used as a keyring if required.

Unique locking system

The screen and electronics of the Beeline device are contained in a sturdy two-part ABS plastic case, which is water and shock resistant. This fits into a flexible silicone strap, available in three colours, which allows it to attach quickly and easily to the handlebars or stem of any bike. The strap wraps around the bike allowing the screen-body to lock securely in place.


We partnered with our friends at Kudu Studio to develop the BeeLine hardware, which contains a magnetometer, accelerometer and gyroscope to constantly recalculate a rider’s position, allowing the device to update constantly to keep pointing in the right direction. A Bluetooth receiver is embedded into the device to communicate with the BeeLine app on a rider’s iPhone or Android device making use of the GPS on the smartphone.

Ultra low power

We specified an ultra-low energy e-paper display for the Beeline device, which maximises battery life allowing it to last months of normal use. The e-paper screen displays clear and crisp information to riders in all light conditions and includes a backlight for cycling at night.